Canadian Consul

Arlington, Texas — When Canadian Consul and Trade Commissioner Delon Chan recently visited Trinity Sling (Trinity) headquarters in Arlington, Texas, both parties emphasized their willingness to work together to help each other.

The Texas Secretary of State, Mr. Rolando ­­­­­­Pablos, and Mr. Henry ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Wells of the Canadian Consulate met with Trinity Sling executives at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary to discuss ways to partner in future business dealings. Consulate helpful suggestions included providing ways to expedite shipping and providing contacts to assist Trinity’s Canadian distributor, Subconsult, in expanding Trinity’s reach in Canada. Subconsult currently distributes Trinity’s patented, professionally-engineered Gangline™ temporary pipeline restraint system throughout Canada. The Gangline™ was initially created by Trinity Sling in response to a customer request for a lightweight, easy-to-rig-up or -down, strong, durable system that would survive the punishing conditions of a frac site or oilfield and secure the temporary iron.

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Trinity staff members Bobby Allen (left) and Bruce Hartin (center) discuss export of Trinity’s Gangline™ temporary iron restraints to Canada with Delon Chan, Canadian Consul and Trade Representative. (© Trinity Sling 2018)


The Gangline™ has been extremely popular in Canada because of its innovative construction, its quick service turnaround, and its durability during harsh Canadian winters. The fact that the Gangline™ system conforms to Worksafe BC guidelines ensures that Canadian rig operators and those that hire them can rest easy.

“We’ve had a great response in Canada ever since we’ve started supplying there,” remarks Bobby Allen, VP-Sales for Trinity Sling. “Mike Uhryn of Subconsult keeps the oilfield operators and pressure pumpers happy, and we recertify the Gangline™ once a year and get it back to them ASAP so they have minimal down time. We make sure folks can rest easy out there when they’re working on the jobsite.”

Oil and fracing companies know that, with Gangline™ installed according to the training provided with the system, their employees are secure on the pad. The Gangline™ is widely used because the on-site training performed by Subconsult is straightforward and simple, completed in a few hours instead of as an all-day event. With Gangline™, oilfield personnel can get back to business fast.

Chan got a first-hand look at the Trinity Sling Gangline™ production process that creates those critical restraints, from reels of rope to finished product. He was one of the first visitors to the newly-expanded Trinity splicing facility, which includes materials not only for Gangline™ but for synthetic web slings and other rigging products manufactured for overhead lifting, material handling, construction and oilfield applications.

Trinity enlarged its synthetic department production area to accommodate growth in its Gangline™, Hose Hobble, and Whip-Lash™ orders, as well as construction of nylon slings used for rigging across North America. Trinity’s Hose Hobble is designed specifically to restrain hose to hose connections in oilfield and fracking applications. Trinity Sling created the Whip-Lash™ for use in restraining a hose-to-pipe connection on the oilfield or hydraulic fracturing pad. With such a varied product line and large production capacity, Trinity is perfectly poised to take on new business, and so the Canadian visit could not have been better timed.23

“Canada is right up with West Texas in terms of how much product we send them to help with temporary flowline restraint, whether Gangline™, Whip-Lash™ or Hose Hobbles. We are looking to enlarge our footprint there. We’re excited by the opportunity, and we agree with Mr. Chan that It’s a great place to do business.”

Both Trinity Sling and Chan had suggestions regarding how the other could assist their efforts to succeed in their respective environments, whether it be by helping them meet other Texans for potential business contacts (Trinity) or by assisting in identifying potential new Canadian customers (Chan).

Together both parties agreed to maintain their relationship and assist each other from now on, a positive start to a solid partnership.

For more information about Trinity Sling’s Gangline™ flow line restraint system or other pipeline restraints, contact a Gangline representative at 855-471-5482. To find out more about Trinity Sling’s other rigging products, visit or call 877-589-2404.