Arlington, Texas – Trinity Sling’s Gangline™ temporary iron restraint system demand is evidence of what Hart Energy refers to in its recent Press Release, “Attendance Growth at 2017 DUG Permian Basin Conference Demonstrates Oil and Gas Industry’s Rebound”.  The purchase orders are coming in as fast as the various sizes and types of restraints go out the shop doors these days to customers with a need for an easy-to-rig and -rig down iron restraint system. Our Gangline™ system representative, Larry Luskey, notes the change in the market, “There’s energy in the air. You can feel it. Oil industry and pressure pumping operators are here ready to learn about solutions because they know they need to be secure, and our product is proven, state-of-the-art, easy to handle, and available quickly.”

Larry brought Trinity’s Gangline™ System to the DUG show in Fort Worth, TX (highlighted below) because he knew that the oil industry and hydraulic fracturing (fracing) industry are turning around. Trinity Sling’s Gangline™ system has met with great demand during this upturn in the market because of its strength, its easiness to rig up and rig down either partially or completely for repairs or moves, its durability, its trackability online via RFID technology, its trainability, its adaptability to unfavorable conditions, and its availability.

Trinity was not the only company with a stake in the energy community’s renewed growth. Scott Mooney with HUWE® joined Trinity Sling at DUG in Fort Worth to promote the innovative HUWE® Wrench. The Hammer Union Wrench (HUWE®) makes it easy to tighten or loosen unions on flow lines, flare lines, injection lines and high-pressure lines.  It is versatile, safe, rugged, user friendly and economical.  HUWE® has proven to be a solid partner for Trinity Sling, and its dependability in oilfield or hydraulic fracturing assured.

The Gangline™ system is adaptable to any size temporary pipe configuration and available in several formats.  The system is customizable to whatever iron setup the customer has on the job site—large or small. The Gangline™ is available in RD, for 2-inch iron in a Flow Line up to 15,000 psi; HD, for 3-inch iron in a Flow Line up to 15,000 psi or 4-inch iron in a Flow Line up to 10,000 psi; and XD, for 3- or 4-inch iron in a Flow Line up to 15,000 psi. The system is available with carabiners or shackles, depending on the usage situation and customer requirements.

dug_logoHart Energy’s DUG show in Fort Worth was the perfect venue for Trinity Sling to once again feature its oilfield and hydraulic fracturing-proven temporary pipeline restraint system.  The increased traffic and excitement surrounding the comeback in the energy sector is reflected in demand for Trinity’s lightweight, easy-to-train, proven temporary iron restraint system.

Gangline™ systems are available to lease or purchase from Trinity Sling headquarters in Arlington, Texas. Call 1-855-471-5482 or visit for more information on this reliable, simple, strong system featured at the Fort Worth DUG Permian show. See below for more information about the Fort Worth show, its reflection of the oil and gas industry changes, and future Hart Energy DUG Show dates.