Trinity Sling Authority is proud to provide the latest innovation in its product line: the Gangline™ Temporary Pipe Restraint System. The Gangline™ is a professionally-engineered pipe restraint system designed to limit the whip range of pipes (such as those used in oil fields and fracking work sites), should a catastrophic failure occur to the flow line or union connections.

Redesigning the Temporary Pipe Restraint System

We rethought pipe restraint systems from the ground up. The Gangline’s™ professionally-engineered design uses the highest quality materials to create the most durable temporary pipe restraint system on the market, offering end-to-end restraint of flow lines for all lengths of pipe sections, as well as swivels and joints.

Installing the Gangline™ is easy. Since the Gangline™ consists of only two parts – either restraints and carabiners or restraints and shackles, it offers a lightweight yet high-strength installation solution for your peace of mind. With the fastest assembly and disassembly times, the Gangline™ saves valuable time and money up-front. The restraints are installed in a leap-frog configuration, and each pipe section is secured by both the upstream and downstream sections of the pipeline in the event of a failure. This type of layout creates a choke on either side of a rupture, reducing in-line flow line movement as well as lateral (whip) movement.

Peace of mind in the oil field and fracking work site business is about protecting your assets…people, property and profit. Protect yours with the Gangline™.

Recertification Made Easy

The Gangline™ temporary pipe restraint system makes recertification easy too. The innovative and simple design is trainable, inspectable and reliable. The Gangline™ system disassembles mid-flow line, allowing quick flow line refits and leak repairs. Each system is serialized and dated on durable, waterproof tags, as well as identified to material lots and manufacturers for full traceability. In addition, Trinity Sling backs up the long lasting nature of its product by offering annual re-certification and refurbishment services.

Why Gangline™?

There’s a reason why the Gangline™ stands out above all other pipe restraint systems.