At Trinity Sling, we are honored to serve multiple industries by providing the Gangline™ Pipe Restraint System and related products and services. Here’s what key industry leaders are saying about us:

“Over the past two years we have field tested several of the advertised “Restraint Systems” and found them to be sub-standard for a host of reasons. We have seen pump iron restraints evolve from the “whip checks” that most companies started with all the way to the Kevlar endless loops. All of the previous systems provided less than desirable results when applied in the field, either with actual performance or ease of application and service once applied.

Working with the Trinity Sling Gangline™ Restraint System has proven most valuable and has mitigated the deficiencies found with other systems we have tried. We set forth several standards that we wanted to meet and we have found those with this system. Starting with the ease of application and continuing all the way to the actual performance we have documented numerous advantages, some not advertised. The ability to remove the system from a middle of the line connection, to make corrections to the pump iron without having to remove the entire system has saved numerous hours of field time allowing us to provide better service to our customers. The simplicity of the system allows field personnel to receive minimal training to apply and maintain the system.By far one of the biggest advantages is the customer support we have received from you and the staff at Trinity Sling. Not to mention this is the one of the first systems that was designed from the start as a restraint system, not something that was retrofitted or simply re-tagged to be a restraint system. We all know how hard this can be with the absence of a national standard for restraint systems and the understanding of force vs. pressure. You are definitely the pioneers in dedicated restraint systems and I base that opinion on 15 years of pressure pumping experience along with 7 years in the HSE field.”

– Jim Richardson, Mercer Well Service

“We have found the Gangline™ Restraint System to be most valuable, and it has mitigated deficiencies found with the installation process of other systems we have tried. The ease of application and transportation are several of the documented advantages of the system.

Also, the simplicity of the system allows field personnel to receive minimal training to apply and maintain the system. We have been pleased with the performance of the system and support offered by Trinity Sling and highly recommend the system in all pressure pumping operations.”

– Marc Cagle, Cement Manager at Calfrac Well Services Corp.