Product Training

Gangline™ product training takes place at the location of your choice. Our Gangline™-certified training team provides comprehensive, fee-based installer training consisting of both classroom instruction and hands-on training (rig-up) of actual Gangline™ installation on the iron. Training sessions are specific to the area of operation, such as flowback, coil tubing, cementing or fracing.

Installation training sessions generally take about 3 hours (including the hands-on portion), and several small groups (designed for 10-15 participants) and sessions may be addressed and completed in 1 day.

Following training, installer training certificates and wallet cards are provided for certified personnel. In addition, Gangline™ Train the Trainer Certification is also available based on qualifications.

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Our team of experts are here to make your experience using Gangline™ a success. For more information on our installation options, please visit our Install page. For information on our smooth annual recertification service, click here.

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