GANGLINE™ Engineered Iron Restraint System

For 2”, 3”, and 4” Temporary Iron in Pressure Pumping Operations

Arlington, Texas — It’s been a while since we shared information about our Gangline™ Temporary Iron Restraint System, so we thought we would list some highlights regarding our hydraulic fracturing-and pressure-pumping-specific product, a solid, proven choice for owners and operators the world over.


For those unfamiliar with Gangline™, allow us to share a few details:


  • Reduces Rig-Up/Down Time
  • Includes RFID Tracking Technology and a tag on every sling
  • Is Lightweight
  • Reduces Transportation Costs
  • Is Water- and UV-Resistant

What Makes Gangline™ Special?

  • Gangline™ is made to order. Certification and all product information is trackable online, as all records are kept digitally for customer access through the website.
  • Gangline™ is available through Rental or Purchase.
  • Gangline™ is available internationally,
  • Gangline™ performs under the toughest conditions, from West Texas heat to sub-zero Canadian winters.
  • Gangline™ is certified annually to ensure security on the pad.

Over the last few months we have increased production capacity, creating our signature Gangline™ custom system to meet demand. 2019 has started strong, and we look forward to keeping both existing and new customers satisfied, over and over, for many years to come.

Make Sure It’s Gangline™. 

If there’s any doubt about whether the slings you have before you are Gangline™, give us a call at 855-471-5482.

For more information, see Why Gangline™?.

Canadian Consul and Trade Commissioner Views Gangline™ Temporary Iron Restraint System Production

Arlington, Texas — When Canadian Consul and Trade Commissioner Delon Chan recently visited Trinity Sling (Trinity) headquarters in Arlington, Texas, both parties emphasized their willingness to work together to help each other.

The Texas Secretary of State, Mr. Rolando ­­­­­­Pablos, and Mr. Henry ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Wells of the Canadian Consulate met with Trinity Sling executives at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary to discuss ways to partner in future business dealings. Consulate helpful suggestions included providing ways to expedite shipping and providing contacts to assist Trinity’s Canadian distributor, Subconsult, in expanding Trinity’s reach in Canada. Subconsult currently distributes Trinity’s patented, professionally-engineered Gangline™ temporary pipeline restraint system throughout Canada. The Gangline™ was initially created by Trinity Sling in response to a customer request for a lightweight, easy-to-rig-up or -down, strong, durable system that would survive the punishing conditions of a frac site or oilfield and secure the temporary iron.

Architectural Cable Railing
Trinity staff members Bobby Allen (left) and Bruce Hartin (center) discuss export of Trinity’s Gangline™ temporary iron restraints to Canada with Delon Chan, Canadian Consul and Trade Representative. (© Trinity Sling 2018)


The Gangline™ has been extremely popular in Canada because of its innovative construction, its quick service turnaround, and its durability during harsh Canadian winters. The fact that the Gangline™ system conforms to Worksafe BC guidelines ensures that Canadian rig operators and those that hire them can rest easy.

“We’ve had a great response in Canada ever since we’ve started supplying there,” remarks Bobby Allen, VP-Sales for Trinity Sling. “Mike Uhryn of Subconsult keeps the oilfield operators and pressure pumpers happy, and we recertify the Gangline™ once a year and get it back to them ASAP so they have minimal down time. We make sure folks can rest easy out there when they’re working on the jobsite.”

Oil and fracing companies know that, with Gangline™ installed according to the training provided with the system, their employees are secure on the pad. The Gangline™ is widely used because the on-site training performed by Subconsult is straightforward and simple, completed in a few hours instead of as an all-day event. With Gangline™, oilfield personnel can get back to business fast.

Chan got a first-hand look at the Trinity Sling Gangline™ production process that creates those critical restraints, from reels of rope to finished product. He was one of the first visitors to the newly-expanded Trinity splicing facility, which includes materials not only for Gangline™ but for synthetic web slings and other rigging products manufactured for overhead lifting, material handling, construction and oilfield applications.

Trinity enlarged its synthetic department production area to accommodate growth in its Gangline™, Hose Hobble, and Whip-Lash™ orders, as well as construction of nylon slings used for rigging across North America. Trinity’s Hose Hobble is designed specifically to restrain hose to hose connections in oilfield and fracking applications. Trinity Sling created the Whip-Lash™ for use in restraining a hose-to-pipe connection on the oilfield or hydraulic fracturing pad. With such a varied product line and large production capacity, Trinity is perfectly poised to take on new business, and so the Canadian visit could not have been better timed.23

“Canada is right up with West Texas in terms of how much product we send them to help with temporary flowline restraint, whether Gangline™, Whip-Lash™ or Hose Hobbles. We are looking to enlarge our footprint there. We’re excited by the opportunity, and we agree with Mr. Chan that It’s a great place to do business.”

Both Trinity Sling and Chan had suggestions regarding how the other could assist their efforts to succeed in their respective environments, whether it be by helping them meet other Texans for potential business contacts (Trinity) or by assisting in identifying potential new Canadian customers (Chan).

Together both parties agreed to maintain their relationship and assist each other from now on, a positive start to a solid partnership.

For more information about Trinity Sling’s Gangline™ flow line restraint system or other pipeline restraints, contact a Gangline representative at 855-471-5482. To find out more about Trinity Sling’s other rigging products, visit or call 877-589-2404.

Standard Safety and Supply Partners with Gangline™ to Keep Oil and Gas Customers Secure in the Permian and Beyond

Gangline™ temporary iron restraint system enables Standard Safety and Supply to be a full-service oil service provider for its oil and gas industry customers. Standard Safety and Supply, a nationwide oilfield service provider based out of Odessa, Texas, has been impressed by what Gangline™ temporary pipeline restraint system has done for its business.
Trey Moya, one of the four partners in Standard Safety and Supply (Standard Safety), started looking into restraints at his business partner’s behest, saying the partner “came to me with the idea of restraints….[I] started looking for the typical one that people use out here, but when I started doing research I found Gangline™, looked into it, and thought it was pretty neat”.
Reduced Rigging Time
Moya’s search is not unlike the usage situation of many oil and gas industry service providers and operators, who begin looking for restraints to comply with OSHA recommendations, company best practices, or common-sense measures. Often, unless users have heard about Gangline™ or seen it in the field, they are unaware of the savings and peace of mind that they can pass on to their customers by using it.
The decision to greenlight Gangline’s™ new technology on the iron was a great one, Moya says. He said that he was surprised by what Gangline™ was able to do for his customers. “We started using it because a customer requested it initially, then we started using it on the acid side, and then we started using it on flowback. Our customers love it because it cut standby time for customers by half.”
Such results are typical for Gangline™ customers, states Bobby Allen, VP of Trinity Sling, the company that created Gangline™. “We hear these comments over and over again. Standard Safety has been great at getting the product out in front of its energy industry customers, and as I’m sure they would tell you, once the system is rigged up on the temporary pipeline, it sells itself.” Moya agrees that it has been fantastic for business. He notes that “the reduced time and cost is more beneficial for our customers. Everywhere we’ve gone as a third-party supplier bringing it to oil companies and third-party customers they’ve loved it. Soon we hope to be the main provider to everyone out in the Permian area, and they all love Gangline™.”
Water-Resistant Technology for Permian Temporary Pipelines and More
Standard Safety found Trinity Sling’s Gangline™ at the perfect time for the energy industry, both for fracing and pressure pumping operators. Standard Safety provides rig-up and rig-down services for temporary pipelines throughout the Permian, Eagle Ford Shale, and North Dakota [Bakken Shale]. Moya has been happy with the partnership, saying that “my partner Chris [Shields] promotes our services, I come in to supply the technical side and tell [oil companies and service providers] how we can help them, and then Gangline™ completes the circle as a whole, so it works.”
Prospects look great and show no signs of stopping. Since Standard Safety adopted Gangline the install time has been “cut in half”, as Moya puts it. “Normally with the other products [restraint rigging] took forever. Then we found Gangline™ and started rigging up line, and it was water-resistant, rigged up quick, and was new technology, so it just rolled together and worked.”
Expanding Temporary Pipeline Rigging Services with Gangline™
Standard Safety plans to expand its reach in the Permian, looking to bring its service package, of which Gangline™ temporary iron restraint system is a vital part, to more oilfield and fracing industry customers. With Gangline™, Standard Safety and Supply is perfectly situated to pass savings on to new as well as existing customers and help their customers feel secure on the pad. With Gangline™, both Standard Safety and its customers win.
When asked what else Trinity Sling and Gangline™ could do to help Standard Safety help its customers in the Permian and beyond, Moya laughed and said, “Keep pumping out those restraints faster!”
To hear more about Standard Safety and Supply and its oilfield and fracing service, contact Trey Moya at For more information about Trinity Sling’s Gangline™, visit and submit a contact form, or call 855-471-5482 to speak with an experienced product manager.
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Trinity Sling to feature Popular Gangline™ Temporary Pipeline Restraint System at Global Petroleum Show

Trinity Sling’s Gangline™ temporary pipeline restraint system for pressure pumping and hydraulic fracking will be prominently featured in the company’s exhibit space at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, Canada June 13-15, 2017.

The Gangline™ system, a temporary pipeline restraint system patented by Trinity Sling, has been flying out the door at Trinity Sling headquarters. “We have been overwhelmed with demand as oilfield and gas operations have ramped up extremely quickly,” states Bobby Allen, Vice President of Trinity Sling. “We feel really good about our Gangline™ temporary pipeline restraint system, the peace of mind it gives operators on the pad, and what increased job site security precautions do for the industry as a whole.”

A Revolutionary Temporary Pipeline Restraint System

The Gangline™ system, which was created and patented by Trinity Sling in Arlington, Texas, is revolutionary in its design. It is the most lightweight, flexible temporary iron restraint system in the industry. A dedicated restraint system, it offers quick, easy rig-up and rig-down on the pad. It ships worldwide, stores easily and transports well, can be adjusted to accommodate myriad job specs and sizes, and has a clear and traceable serialization and date of manufacture.

The Gangline™ system’s capability also exceeds expectations. Constructed in three rating sizes to accommodate a variety of iron diameters and pressure ratings, the system is certified for a maximum pressure pumping rating of 15,000 psi for 2” and 3” iron, and it is certified for a maximum pressure pumping rating of 10,000 psi for 4” 1502 iron. A third rating size is available for 4” iron up to 15,000 psi, accommodating additional pressure pumping needs.

The system meets or exceeds compliance requirements for new regulations established by the Office of Health and Safety (OHS) in British Columbia and outlined by Worksafe BC. The Office implemented new standards in 2015 governing temporary pipeline restraint that require that, among other things, a temporary pipeline restraint system have certification by a professional engineer as to its adequacy for the purpose for which it is being used. The new standards also require that the temporary pipeline restraint system contain installation instructions, conform to certain engineering specifications as to anchor points and other details, include precautionary information and limitations, and produce testing certifications. Finally, the OHS guidelines require that any temporary pipeline restraint system used in British Columbia be accompanied by instructions on how to use, maintain, inspect, and remove different pipeline components from service. The Gangline™ system meets every one of these standards. Gangline™ systems were designed for exactly this purpose and are in compliance with these new British Columbia OHS regulations.

Compliance-Driven and Designed for Pressure Pumping and Fracking Job Sites

The Gangline™ restraint system is in a class of its own, meeting or exceeding worldwide standards and withstanding extremely strenuous conditions for long periods of time. The high-modulus synthetic fiber is durable and maintains its inherent strength for long periods of time. Gangline™ components thrive in difficult conditions, and the material is intended for gas and liquid in energized and non-energized operations. The Gangline™ components are constructed from material that is:

  • Hydrophobic: Does not absorb oil or water, yet is washable
  • UV-Protected: Stays protected even in direct sunlight
  • Corrosion-Resistant: Remains unaffected by corrosive materials
  • Chemical-Resistant: Stays strong during unexpected leaks and spills
  • Temperature-Resistant: Maintains integrity in sub-zero conditions

Leading the Industry with Professionally-Engineered Innovation

Trinity Sling knows the pad is a site of split second changes, whether they be job-driven, operator-driven, or company-driven. Recently Trinity improved its Regular Duty (RD) Gangline™ offering to include carabiners instead of shackles, giving operators an even more flexible, quick option when working on jobs. The Improved RD Gangline™ system is professionally engineered to offer lighter construction, faster installation, fewer pieces (all-in-one design), and a positive locking connection, the perfect choice for a job that needs to rig up and rig down quickly or requires changes on the fly around mid-line connections. With Gangline™, operators and people on the job site can get the job done faster and easier and with peace of mind.

Trinity realizes that often jobs rig up with short notice and require non-standard numbers of restraints. To serve all job sizes and needs, Trinity offers Gangline™ systems for rental or purchase in custom sizes to suit the job. Sometimes jobs don’t proceed according to plans. Nature and governmental forces can be unpredictable, and Trinity is here to help. Gangline™ temporary iron restraint systems offer corporations and operators security on the pad, and Trinity knows how to make those temporary pipeline restraint systems work to suit the job in the way each pressure pumping or fracking job requires them. Gangline™ is engineered to help get the job done easily and quickly.

For more information about the Improved Gangline™ RD, Click here. For Rental or Purchase Systems ready to ship in RD and HD, contact a Gangline™ representative for pricing and training here.

Trinity Sling’s Gangline™ System Offers Flexibility, Strength and Security in Oil and Gas Rebound

Arlington, Texas – Trinity Sling’s Gangline™ temporary iron restraint system demand is evidence of what Hart Energy refers to in its recent Press Release, “Attendance Growth at 2017 DUG Permian Basin Conference Demonstrates Oil and Gas Industry’s Rebound”.  The purchase orders are coming in as fast as the various sizes and types of restraints go out the shop doors these days to customers with a need for an easy-to-rig and -rig down iron restraint system. Our Gangline™ system representative, Larry Luskey, notes the change in the market, “There’s energy in the air. You can feel it. Oil industry and pressure pumping operators are here ready to learn about solutions because they know they need to be secure, and our product is proven, state-of-the-art, easy to handle, and available quickly.”

Larry brought Trinity’s Gangline™ System to the DUG show in Fort Worth, TX (highlighted below) because he knew that the oil industry and hydraulic fracturing (fracing) industry are turning around. Trinity Sling’s Gangline™ system has met with great demand during this upturn in the market because of its strength, its easiness to rig up and rig down either partially or completely for repairs or moves, its durability, its trackability online via RFID technology, its trainability, its adaptability to unfavorable conditions, and its availability.

Trinity was not the only company with a stake in the energy community’s renewed growth. Scott Mooney with HUWE® joined Trinity Sling at DUG in Fort Worth to promote the innovative HUWE® Wrench. The Hammer Union Wrench (HUWE®) makes it easy to tighten or loosen unions on flow lines, flare lines, injection lines and high-pressure lines.  It is versatile, safe, rugged, user friendly and economical.  HUWE® has proven to be a solid partner for Trinity Sling, and its dependability in oilfield or hydraulic fracturing assured.

The Gangline™ system is adaptable to any size temporary pipe configuration and available in several formats.  The system is customizable to whatever iron setup the customer has on the job site—large or small. The Gangline™ is available in RD, for 2-inch iron in a Flow Line up to 15,000 psi; HD, for 3-inch iron in a Flow Line up to 15,000 psi or 4-inch iron in a Flow Line up to 10,000 psi; and XD, for 3- or 4-inch iron in a Flow Line up to 15,000 psi. The system is available with carabiners or shackles, depending on the usage situation and customer requirements.

dug_logoHart Energy’s DUG show in Fort Worth was the perfect venue for Trinity Sling to once again feature its oilfield and hydraulic fracturing-proven temporary pipeline restraint system.  The increased traffic and excitement surrounding the comeback in the energy sector is reflected in demand for Trinity’s lightweight, easy-to-train, proven temporary iron restraint system.

Gangline™ systems are available to lease or purchase from Trinity Sling headquarters in Arlington, Texas. Call 1-855-471-5482 or visit for more information on this reliable, simple, strong system featured at the Fort Worth DUG Permian show. See below for more information about the Fort Worth show, its reflection of the oil and gas industry changes, and future Hart Energy DUG Show dates.

Gangline™ Flow Line Restraint System Recertification: Key to Smooth Pressure Pumping and Hydraulic Fracturing Operations

Arlington, Texas – When Trinity Sling customers think of the Gangline™ flow iron restraint system for pressure pumping and hydraulic fracturing, many don’t think about the process that differentiates the system from competitors and ensures that the system restrains the 1502 flow line or other pipe as it was intended: the recertification process.

RecertGanglinePullTest1-LoResification takes place daily at our Arlington, Texas headquarters. The process is a necessary part of Gangline™ system rental or ownership, making sure the pipe restraint system performs to manufacturer specifications. Recertification, a necessary process, is a quick turnaround for customers, for Trinity Sling employees understand that those slings that we receive for recertification are needed for a job to continue. Our employees move the Gangline™ components we receive through the thorough recertification process and out the door as quickly as possible.

What is recertification? Recertification is an annual process in which we at Trinity Sling examine the Gangline™ (or other Trinity Sling-manufactured) components for damage that has occurred since the prior year’s examination/certification. We also test the strength of the sling or other device in a pull test to ensure it still performs to the listed specifications for that device as noted on its tag. In the image above, Carlos Bernal, our Shop Foreman, is recertifying the Gangline™ using InfoChip® technology. New Gangline™ slings are created with an InfoChip®, an RFID chip embedded in the sling to facilitate easy testing and recertification. Listed below is the process that Carlos or other trained employees go through annually either to recertify or initially inspect and certify a Gangline™ sling.

First, we begin the testing and recertification process for a Gangline™ component sent to us by a customer for recertification. We scan the sling with a Bluetooth scanner, and the individual sling’s information pops up on the screen. In this case, the sling Carlos is testing is the yellow 7/8” HD short sling pictured on the testing device.

Once this sling’s information pops up onscreen, our employees edit and verify the information in the InfoChip® system, comparing it to what we see on the sling tag.  We pull test all slings to make sure they pass our manufacturers’ specifications.

Once the sling passes the pull test, then it is sent to our nylon department, where it is retagged with a new recertification tag that lists the current date and expiration one year hence. If it fails, the employee marks that the sling failed the test, the sling is retired from service immediately, and the customer is notified of the failure by one of our sales team.

All slings are tested before they are recertified and shipped. Once testing is complete, we pass/fail the sling, upload the Passing slings’ recertification papers (Certificates of Test) to InfoChip® for each serial number, and ship them back to the customer. Typically, depending on demand, our turnaround time for pull-test and recertification is a couple of days in the shop plus time spent in transit. Our trained employees recertify numerous slings each day.

The testing process is equally rigorous for newly-manufactured Gangline™ system components. Trinity Sling’s Gangline™ department manufactures Gangline™ system components (slings) daily in our facility. We make slings in several sizes, including RD (1/2”), HD (7/8”), and XD (1 1/8”). We also manufacture slings in several lengths: short, long, and extra-long.

All new slings are inspected and certified, receiving certificates of conformity once they complete the certification process. They are shipped according to customer need and are listed in the InfoChip® system by serial number, just as the recertified ones are.

The chains on the floor at the bottom of the picture (above) are customers’ property that has been sent in for recertification, as well.  This recertification process is conducted via InfoChip® Bluetooth scan and verification against existing data, as well.  Each Trinity-tagged, individually-identifiable chain is visually inspected by our employees. The employee notes the length, size, and grade of the chain, comparing the information in the system to what he sees on the chain itself. Chains are brought annually by customers or sooner if there is an immediate failure, a break, or bent hardware. We repair and replace the non-working item(s), pull test each leg to two times the working load limit for that chain, and return the chain to the customer.

Pull test and certification information is always available for new or recertified tagged Gangline™ restraint system slings, chains, or other equipment manufactured by Trinity Sling. Customers can log in on our website to see by serial number the usage location, performance on the test, upcoming due dates for recertification, ownership, and our manufacturer’s information.

We receive slings via freight from Canada, national US customers, and drive-up customers. No order is too small or too large for us to handle. The Gangline™ restraint system is frequently recertified for temporary pipe in fracking or pressure pumping performance. The Gangline™ restraint system helps make sure customers get the job done smoothly and on time. For more information about renting, purchasing, or recertifying Gangline™ restraints, contact 855-471-5482 or visit for more information.

Improved Gangline™ RD Temporary Pipe Restraint System Featured in Wire Rope Exchange

IMG_1031Trinity Sling’s Gangline™ RD is featured in the Industry News section of the November/December 2016 issue of Wire Rope Exchange, a leading rigging industry information source.

The article, “Trinity Sling’s Improved Gangline™ Regular Duty Temporary Iron Restraints Introduced” (see page 11-12 of the magazine or 12-13 of the digital version) highlights the Gangline™ RD’s recent upgrades, including its lighter design featuring a positive locking connection and fewer pieces for faster installation.

Gangline™ has revolutionized temporary pipeline restraints for 602, 1002, and 1502 iron. Gangline™ systems are available for rental or purchase in heavy duty (for 3” and 4” iron) and the redesigned regular duty (for 2” iron) in sizes customized by job. Turnaround is quick with all systems. Installation is particularly quick with Gangline™ RD, making it the easiest temporary pipe restraint system to train and the fastest system to train and install in the well servicing and hydraulic fracturing industries.

To read the article, please enter page 12-13 in the digital -Wire Rope Exchange issue here. To contact Gangline™ representatives directly for more information or to place an order, call 855-471-5482 or visit

Trinity Sling Unveils Improved Gangline™ RD Temporary Iron Restraints for Permian Basin International Oil Show

The Permian Basin International Oil Show (PBIOS) in Midland, Texas is upon us, and Trinity Sling is ready with an improved Gangline™ Regular Duty (RD) pipe restraints system.  The Gangline™ RD, appropriate for 1502 pipe up to 15,000 PSI, is a game-changer for pressure pumping and oilfield service companies looking to implement a faster, easier, and lighter flowline restraint system.

Gangline™ RD offers many desirable enhancements that competitors do not. First, it has fewer parts.  The improved RD has no shackles, substituting positive-locking carabiners for one less component to keep track of in quick transitions mid-job, or rig-up and rig-down. The all-in-one design offers peace of mind in a business in which pumping deadlines are paramount and planning time is scarce.

The improved Gangline™ RD is offered for rental and purchase for hydraulic fracturing, pressure pumping, and well service use. The all-in-one system is in stock and available to ship immediately to meet tough deadlines in real time. HD systems are available for rental and purchase, as well, when both systems are required.

The receIMG_1022ntly enhanced Gangline™ RD system is lighter and easier to install than any other flowline or temporary pipe restraint system used in hydraulic fracturing or in the oilfield.  When your iron needs to be restrained quickly, we can drop ship the system to you, or we can train you if you prefer. No more days lost to safety training.  We can get you there in a few hours with instruction your pipe riggers can understand, and all for a minimal cost.

Finally, times are tough, and Trinity Sling understands. We offer our enhanced Gangline™ RD pipe restraints at a reduced price to enable our customers to keep their riggers secure on the pad. Well service, pressure pumping, and hydraulic fracturing outfits should not have to compromise employees for profits. We are with you all in these tough times; we are ready to help you take necessary precautions now to take care of your resources—people, property, and profits—with Gangline™ so that when sales are on an uptick you are pumped and ready to go.

Check out the latest on the Gangline™ RD below and look for us in booth D126. Our Larry Luskey will be happy to demonstrate the Gangline™ RD for you, so you can see for yourself why this is the best choice iron restraint system in the business.

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CTC Contracting Trained on Gangline™ Temporary Pipe Restraint System, Conforms to OSHA Recommendations for Flow Line Restraint

Gangline™ temporary pipe restraint system Installation Specialist Larry Luskey (R) trains CTC Contracting’s Cody Cooper (L) at Trinity Sling Headquarters on Gangline™ installation for well testing in British Columbia, Canada.

On Aug 29, 2016 Trinity Sling welcomed Cody Cooper with CTC Contracting of Cecil Lake, British Columbia, Canada for comprehensive training on Gangline™ temporary pipe restraint system installation.  Training consisted of a classroom tutorial and a hands-on training session simulating a field installation.  The training was custom-tailored to CTC’s area of well testing using 2” 602 flow iron with kelly hoses incorporated in the pipe string. Gangline™ restraints were used to create a 602 pipe restraint system with hose hobbles utilized for added protection on the kelly hoses.

CTC’s recent hands-on expert Gangline™ instruction is just one example of the tailored training available with purchase or rental of a Gangline™ system of pipeline restraint from Trinity Sling. Even during times when wells are not operating at capacity, companies conducting well testing, like Cody’s, benefit from the customized service that Trinity provides, whether at the Arlington, Texas-based headquarters or on the frac pad/in the oilfield.

Trinity’s training is quick and thorough, illustrating exactly how to rig up and rig down the pipe restraints, from 200’ of regular duty 2” 1502 pipe for flow lines in the oilfield to 2000’ (and up) of heavy duty 1502 frac iron for frac line use. Trinity custom-builds solutions to customer specifications. Need a system of 1502 pipe restraints? Trinity has it. Need to secure your flowback iron? Give Trinity a call.

A pipe restraint system for temporary pipelines is not just a good idea, but recommended by OSHA, as well.  Employee safety around the frac lines and flow lines of a temporary pipeline, though always important, is now drawing a more careful look from OSHA. OSHA’s recommendation, detailed in “Hydraulic Fracturing and Flowback Hazards Other than Respirable Silica” describes potential dangers to employees on the frac pad or well site, including employer responsibility to protect them:


The Gangline™ satisfies OSHA’s requirements, and Gangline™ is engineered, tested, and created specifically for temporary pipeline restraint in fracing or oilfield use.  Any time fracing or oilfield operators need restraints for temporary pipelines of all sizes, types and lengths, the Gangline™ pipe restraint system can protect employees against pipeline whipping in the event of a pipeline rupture.

No oilfield operator or fracing operation wants to face a line rupture or equipment failure, but loss of life or debilitating injury incurred in the process tragically compounds the problem and results in loss of people, property, and profits. A smart operator protects all three with the engineered Gangline™ temporary pipeline restraint system. Fracing jobs and flowback operations currently at lower production levels are perfectly situated to train their people on or use our team to install Gangline™, taking those precautions before demand increases and a rupture could occur.

The Gangline™ restrains coil tubing and all other types of temporary pipelines for pressurized iron, both on the frac pad and in the oilfield. To learn more about the Gangline™ temporary pipe restraint system, call Trinity at (855) 471-5482 or

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For more information about the OSHA best practices publication from which the information referenced above is excerpted, visit

U.S. Oil Primed for Comeback following Brexit Market Reaction

U.S. Oil Primed for Comeback following Brexit Market Reaction. U.S. oilfield and hydraulic fracturing activity has been down, as all market participants are well aware, for some time, but a recent UPI article notes that things may be looking up. The article notes that the Brexit vote on June 23, which determined that Britain will leave the EU, “erase[d] two straight days of heavy losses in crude oil prices”. The article continued to note that investors are seeking secure places to invest after the UK’s credit rating fell.

Such gains, although not necessarily permanent, are great news nonetheless for oilfield and hydraulic fracturing operators in the U.S. Oilfield downtime is the perfect opportunity to take stock of safety measures on the pad, and to protect pipelines company-wide so that when oil or gas production ramps up, oilfield and fracing operators are ready. The patented Gangline™ system is a reliable, easy, professionally-engineered restraint system to ensure pipelines are secure in the event of a pipeline failure.

With Gangline™, oilfield operators will be ready when the market gains referenced below are steady and considerable.

Referenced Article:

Oil Prices turn higher after Brexit Collapse