The Permian Basin International Oil Show (PBIOS) in Midland, Texas is upon us, and Trinity Sling is ready with an improved Gangline™ Regular Duty (RD) pipe restraints system.  The Gangline™ RD, appropriate for 1502 pipe up to 15,000 PSI, is a game-changer for pressure pumping and oilfield service companies looking to implement a faster, easier, and lighter flowline restraint system.

Gangline™ RD offers many desirable enhancements that competitors do not. First, it has fewer parts.  The improved RD has no shackles, substituting positive-locking carabiners for one less component to keep track of in quick transitions mid-job, or rig-up and rig-down. The all-in-one design offers peace of mind in a business in which pumping deadlines are paramount and planning time is scarce.

The improved Gangline™ RD is offered for rental and purchase for hydraulic fracturing, pressure pumping, and well service use. The all-in-one system is in stock and available to ship immediately to meet tough deadlines in real time. HD systems are available for rental and purchase, as well, when both systems are required.

The receIMG_1022ntly enhanced Gangline™ RD system is lighter and easier to install than any other flowline or temporary pipe restraint system used in hydraulic fracturing or in the oilfield.  When your iron needs to be restrained quickly, we can drop ship the system to you, or we can train you if you prefer. No more days lost to safety training.  We can get you there in a few hours with instruction your pipe riggers can understand, and all for a minimal cost.

Finally, times are tough, and Trinity Sling understands. We offer our enhanced Gangline™ RD pipe restraints at a reduced price to enable our customers to keep their riggers secure on the pad. Well service, pressure pumping, and hydraulic fracturing outfits should not have to compromise employees for profits. We are with you all in these tough times; we are ready to help you take necessary precautions now to take care of your resources—people, property, and profits—with Gangline™ so that when sales are on an uptick you are pumped and ready to go.

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