Gangline™ Temporary Pipe Restraint System (Gangline™)

Gangline ™ Product Description

The Gangline™ Temporary Pipe Restraint System (Gangline™) is a professionally-engineered series of Gangline™ Restraints designed to limit the movement of pipes in a Temporary Pipeline (Pipeline) in the case of catastrophic failure. The Gangline™ is designed specifically for 1502 style Hammer Union pipes with nominal inside diameters of 2 to 3 inches. It is designed for temporary flowlines with recommended maximum pressure up to 15,000 psi (larger Gangline ™ systems are available upon request for pressure pumping jobs in 4″ up to 15,000 psi).

The Gangline ™ has three sizes, each designed to fit a specific combination of inside diameters and pressures of the temporary pipe. It works on flow lines, frack lines, temporary pipelines, frack irons, 1502 irons, swivels, Chicksans® and flow irons. The Gangline™ also includes assemblies to restrain swivels or Chicksans® within a Pipeline. When correctly installed, the Gangline ™ will restrain each side of the Union of each Pipe Segment through the entire linear series of a Pipeline.

The Gangline ™ consists of only two parts: either restraints and carabiners or restraints and shackles. It offers a lightweight, high-strength installation solution for your peace of mind.

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