There are several reasons why Gangline™ stands out above all other pipe restraint systems:

1. Ease and Speed of Installation and Rig-Down

Easy to Assemble/Disassemble

The Gangline™ Pipe Restraint System is lightweight and flexible, making it easy to quickly assemble and disassemble. Gangline™ revolutionizes safety restraint systems, as it is:

  • Accessible: ships worldwide
  • Compact: stores and transports well
  • Customizable: is simple to adjust to specific job requirements
  • Traceable: has clear serialization and date of manufacture

For more information, visit our Install page!

2. Ease of Inspection and Storage

Recertification Made Easy

Trinity Sling makes annual recertification of the Gangline™ system easy, also providing refurbishment for each Gangline™ restraint. With clear access to connection points for leak repair and an online system that displays certification details 24/7, your people, property and profits are protected all year round. Visit our Recertify page to learn more.

Convenient, Flexible Sizing

Not only is the Gangline™ Pipe Restraint System lightweight and resistant to absorbing water, but it is also conveniently available in 3 rating sizes: RD, HD & XD. Each system is flexible and easily adaptable to a variety of flow-line configurations and site conditions. Its versatility allows it to work on flow lines, frack lines, temporary pipelines, frack irons, 1502 irons, swivels, Chicksans® and flow irons.

Gangline™ is certified for a maximum pressure pumping rating of 15,000PSI for 2” & 3”. It is also certified for a maximum pressure pumping rating of 10,000PSI for 4” 1502 iron. In addition, larger Gangline™ systems are available upon request for pressure pumping jobs in 4” up to 15,000PSI .

3. Meets Rigorous Standards Worldwide

Durable & Long-Lasting

Just how durable is the Gangline™ Pipe Restraint System? Our system is high performing and made from a high modulus synthetic fiber with excellent protective properties. It is applicable to gas and liquid in energized and non-energized operations. Specifically, it is:

  • Hydrophobic: does not absorb oil or water, yet is washable
  • UV-Protected: stays protected even in direct sunlight
  • Corrosion-Resistant: remains unaffected by corrosive materials
  • Chemical-Resistant: stays strong during unexpected leaks and spills
  • Temperature-Resistant: maintains integrity in sub-zero conditions

Compliant in British Columbia

Companies in the United States are continuing to increase safety on job sites by installing the Gangline™ system, and firms in British Columbia are now following their lead.

On August 28, 2015, the Office of Health and Safety in British Columbia revised its guidelines, requiring the use of pipe restraint systems to increase flow pipe safety – effective immediately. The Gangline™ Pipe Restraint System is THE go to solution for new pipe restraining system requirements, as our product meets or exceeds all criteria recently outlined by WorkSafe British Columbia.

The required detailed engineering specifications for which Gangline™ meets the guidelines established and enforced by Workforce British Columbia include:

  • Installation instructions
  • Engineering specifications of the restraint system (including a site-specific plan, intermediate anchor points, and attachment to the piping system)
  • Precautionary information and limitations (such as the maximum pressure in the system and worker exclusion zones)
  • Testing certification (e.g., of the restraints and anchor points)
  • Instructions for component use, maintenance, inspection and removal from service
  • Certification by a professional engineer that the restraint system has been engineered and is adequate for the purpose

Click here to learn more about how Gangline™ is helping get British Columbia operations secured and in compliance with the new mandate quickly and efficiently.

Available to Rent or Own

The Gangline™ is transforming the industry as a brilliantly-engineered pipe restraining system designed to limit the whip range of the pipe, should a catastrophic failure occur to the flow line or union connections. Trinity Sling Authority invented the Gangline™ system and holds the patent. We stand confident in our products and services as we expand our client base around the world. Look to the patented Gangline™ Pipe Restraint System to ensure that your operations are in total compliance with safety laws.

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