The Gangline™ Temporary Pipe Restraint System (both Regular Duty and Heavy Duty) is available for purchase. Because the Gangline™ system is light and easily transportable, it will ship quickly and easily to your desired location.

Why Purchase a Gangline™ System?

Purchasing the Gangline™ provides remarkable return on investment when compared with rented systems. Owning the system allows you full control over delivery and installation times, without concerning you with outside installers.

When purchasing the Gangline™, we provide an on-site team to train and certify your installers at your convenience. If you would prefer that we install the Gangline™, we can arrange for one of our certified installation teams to visit your site and take care of it for you. In addition, the system is easy to pack, store and move when in transit or between jobs.

The Gangline™ is available for purchase through Trinity Sling. Gangline™ protects your assets – whether they are human, physical or financial – and will leave you confident that your investment is secure.

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