Trinity Sling’s Gangline™ temporary pipeline restraint system for pressure pumping and hydraulic fracking will be prominently featured in the company’s exhibit space at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, Canada June 13-15, 2017.

The Gangline™ system, a temporary pipeline restraint system patented by Trinity Sling, has been flying out the door at Trinity Sling headquarters. “We have been overwhelmed with demand as oilfield and gas operations have ramped up extremely quickly,” states Bobby Allen, Vice President of Trinity Sling. “We feel really good about our Gangline™ temporary pipeline restraint system, the peace of mind it gives operators on the pad, and what increased job site security precautions do for the industry as a whole.”

A Revolutionary Temporary Pipeline Restraint System

The Gangline™ system, which was created and patented by Trinity Sling in Arlington, Texas, is revolutionary in its design. It is the most lightweight, flexible temporary iron restraint system in the industry. A dedicated restraint system, it offers quick, easy rig-up and rig-down on the pad. It ships worldwide, stores easily and transports well, can be adjusted to accommodate myriad job specs and sizes, and has a clear and traceable serialization and date of manufacture.

The Gangline™ system’s capability also exceeds expectations. Constructed in three rating sizes to accommodate a variety of iron diameters and pressure ratings, the system is certified for a maximum pressure pumping rating of 15,000 psi for 2” and 3” iron, and it is certified for a maximum pressure pumping rating of 10,000 psi for 4” 1502 iron. A third rating size is available for 4” iron up to 15,000 psi, accommodating additional pressure pumping needs.

The system meets or exceeds compliance requirements for new regulations established by the Office of Health and Safety (OHS) in British Columbia and outlined by Worksafe BC. The Office implemented new standards in 2015 governing temporary pipeline restraint that require that, among other things, a temporary pipeline restraint system have certification by a professional engineer as to its adequacy for the purpose for which it is being used. The new standards also require that the temporary pipeline restraint system contain installation instructions, conform to certain engineering specifications as to anchor points and other details, include precautionary information and limitations, and produce testing certifications. Finally, the OHS guidelines require that any temporary pipeline restraint system used in British Columbia be accompanied by instructions on how to use, maintain, inspect, and remove different pipeline components from service. The Gangline™ system meets every one of these standards. Gangline™ systems were designed for exactly this purpose and are in compliance with these new British Columbia OHS regulations.

Compliance-Driven and Designed for Pressure Pumping and Fracking Job Sites

The Gangline™ restraint system is in a class of its own, meeting or exceeding worldwide standards and withstanding extremely strenuous conditions for long periods of time. The high-modulus synthetic fiber is durable and maintains its inherent strength for long periods of time. Gangline™ components thrive in difficult conditions, and the material is intended for gas and liquid in energized and non-energized operations. The Gangline™ components are constructed from material that is:

  • Hydrophobic: Does not absorb oil or water, yet is washable
  • UV-Protected: Stays protected even in direct sunlight
  • Corrosion-Resistant: Remains unaffected by corrosive materials
  • Chemical-Resistant: Stays strong during unexpected leaks and spills
  • Temperature-Resistant: Maintains integrity in sub-zero conditions

Leading the Industry with Professionally-Engineered Innovation

Trinity Sling knows the pad is a site of split second changes, whether they be job-driven, operator-driven, or company-driven. Recently Trinity improved its Regular Duty (RD) Gangline™ offering to include carabiners instead of shackles, giving operators an even more flexible, quick option when working on jobs. The Improved RD Gangline™ system is professionally engineered to offer lighter construction, faster installation, fewer pieces (all-in-one design), and a positive locking connection, the perfect choice for a job that needs to rig up and rig down quickly or requires changes on the fly around mid-line connections. With Gangline™, operators and people on the job site can get the job done faster and easier and with peace of mind.

Trinity realizes that often jobs rig up with short notice and require non-standard numbers of restraints. To serve all job sizes and needs, Trinity offers Gangline™ systems for rental or purchase in custom sizes to suit the job. Sometimes jobs don’t proceed according to plans. Nature and governmental forces can be unpredictable, and Trinity is here to help. Gangline™ temporary iron restraint systems offer corporations and operators security on the pad, and Trinity knows how to make those temporary pipeline restraint systems work to suit the job in the way each pressure pumping or fracking job requires them. Gangline™ is engineered to help get the job done easily and quickly.

For more information about the Improved Gangline™ RD, Click here. For Rental or Purchase Systems ready to ship in RD and HD, contact a Gangline™ representative for pricing and training here.