Gangline Website

Representatives from Trinity Sling (in blue) and Crown Supply, Inc. on a recent large-scale Gangline™ installation in the Bakken Shale in North Dakota.

Trinity Sling, licensed distributor of the patented Gangline™ Pipe Restraint System, is proud to bring you this innovative, new website for our revolutionary temporary pipeline restraint system that improves oilfield and fracking safety. The new website provides a comprehensive overview of Gangline™ and its many benefits.

Here you will find a wealth of technical information on the product, receive information on training and installation, access documentation of certification and recertification of Gangline™ components, and find many pictures and a video.

See first-hand what happens when a temporary pipeline malfunctions in a pressure failure, and you will understand how dangerous temporary iron can be to crews working on an oil field or fracking pad if these temporary pipelines are not properly restrained with a reliable, high quality pipe restraint system like the proven Gangline™. The video shows how the brilliantly engineered Gangline™ layout creates a choke on either side of a rupture reducing in-line flowline movement as well as lateral (whip) movement.

The new Gangline website will also feature a video demonstrating the ease of installing the Gangline™ system on a temporary pipeline. Easy and quick assembly and disassembly is a well-known trademark of the Gangline™, as touted by Jim Richardson of Mercer Well Service in Texas. “The ease of application and transportation are a big advantage and selling point of Gangline™,” Richardson says.

Besides providing outstanding information on the Gangline™, we have built the new website to enhance customer service. Customers can request service and product / parts information through the site, and a “request a quote” feature makes it fast and easy to get cost estimates in the works for a Gangline™ system.

The Gangline™ has greatly expanded its presence in oil and gas fields around the globe. Demand for the product is increasing, and parent company Trinity Sling is prepared to meet the industry’s needs. Company representatives who work with the Gangline™ System comment:

“We are committed to expanding Gangline™ distribution throughout the fracking and oil field industries. We have been successful in expanding into Canada and other locations worldwide. Although the oil industry is going through a difficult time, we still are confident that we have a lot of opportunity for Gangline™ to make a big difference for oil companies and fracking and oil field operators, as these companies are looking to increase efficiency and safety, which is what Gangline™ helps to do.”

Those same representatives said that last August in Canada, British Columbia passed a new law requiring engineered restraint of pipe systems on oil field and fracking work sites to protect workers. Trinity Sling and its Gangline™ pipe restraint system were quick on the scene in working with oil field and fracking companies to ensure their operations were in total compliance with the new law. This alacrity illustrates Trinity Sling’s service-minded business model, and through their resources and inventories, it also demonstrates their ability to deliver the market’s premier temporary pipe restraining safety solution to operators throughout British Columbia in an expedited manner, the company notes.

Closing Thoughts – Why Gangline?

According to Trinity Sling, “We developed Gangline™ at the request of some of our oil field customers, who had a need for a secure, durable, easy-to-rig and rig-down on the iron, lightweight oilfield restraint system. We created it, engineered it, tested it, patented it, and are selling it domestically and internationally to meet the changing needs of the oilfield. We look forward to getting more of it out on the iron in the coming year as word spreads.”

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