Gangline™ RD

IMG_1031Trinity Sling’s Gangline™ RD is featured in the Industry News section of the November/December 2016 issue of Wire Rope Exchange, a leading rigging industry information source.

The article, “Trinity Sling’s Improved Gangline™ Regular Duty Temporary Iron Restraints Introduced” (see page 11-12 of the magazine or 12-13 of the digital version) highlights the Gangline™ RD’s recent upgrades, including its lighter design featuring a positive locking connection and fewer pieces for faster installation.

Gangline™ has revolutionized temporary pipeline restraints for 602, 1002, and 1502 iron. Gangline™ systems are available for rental or purchase in heavy duty (for 3” and 4” iron) and the redesigned regular duty (for 2” iron) in sizes customized by job. Turnaround is quick with all systems. Installation is particularly quick with Gangline™ RD, making it the easiest temporary pipe restraint system to train and the fastest system to train and install in the well servicing and hydraulic fracturing industries.

To read the article, please enter page 12-13 in the digital -Wire Rope Exchange issue here. To contact Gangline™ representatives directly for more information or to place an order, call 855-471-5482 or visit