For 2”, 3”, and 4” Temporary Iron in Pressure Pumping Operations

Arlington, Texas — It’s been a while since we shared information about our Gangline™ Temporary Iron Restraint System, so we thought we would list some highlights regarding our hydraulic fracturing-and pressure-pumping-specific product, a solid, proven choice for owners and operators the world over.


For those unfamiliar with Gangline™, allow us to share a few details:


  • Reduces Rig-Up/Down Time
  • Includes RFID Tracking Technology and a tag on every sling
  • Is Lightweight
  • Reduces Transportation Costs
  • Is Water- and UV-Resistant

What Makes Gangline™ Special?

  • Gangline™ is made to order. Certification and all product information is trackable online, as all records are kept digitally for customer access through the website.
  • Gangline™ is available through Rental or Purchase.
  • Gangline™ is available internationally,
  • Gangline™ performs under the toughest conditions, from West Texas heat to sub-zero Canadian winters.
  • Gangline™ is certified annually to ensure security on the pad.

Over the last few months we have increased production capacity, creating our signature Gangline™ custom system to meet demand. 2019 has started strong, and we look forward to keeping both existing and new customers satisfied, over and over, for many years to come.

Make Sure It’s Gangline™. 

If there’s any doubt about whether the slings you have before you are Gangline™, give us a call at 855-471-5482.

For more information, see Why Gangline™?.