Gangline™ temporary iron restraint system enables Standard Safety and Supply to be a full-service oil service provider for its oil and gas industry customers. Standard Safety and Supply, a nationwide oilfield service provider based out of Odessa, Texas, has been impressed by what Gangline™ temporary pipeline restraint system has done for its business.
Trey Moya, one of the four partners in Standard Safety and Supply (Standard Safety), started looking into restraints at his business partner’s behest, saying the partner “came to me with the idea of restraints….[I] started looking for the typical one that people use out here, but when I started doing research I found Gangline™, looked into it, and thought it was pretty neat”.
Reduced Rigging Time
Moya’s search is not unlike the usage situation of many oil and gas industry service providers and operators, who begin looking for restraints to comply with OSHA recommendations, company best practices, or common-sense measures. Often, unless users have heard about Gangline™ or seen it in the field, they are unaware of the savings and peace of mind that they can pass on to their customers by using it.
The decision to greenlight Gangline’s™ new technology on the iron was a great one, Moya says. He said that he was surprised by what Gangline™ was able to do for his customers. “We started using it because a customer requested it initially, then we started using it on the acid side, and then we started using it on flowback. Our customers love it because it cut standby time for customers by half.”
Such results are typical for Gangline™ customers, states Bobby Allen, VP of Trinity Sling, the company that created Gangline™. “We hear these comments over and over again. Standard Safety has been great at getting the product out in front of its energy industry customers, and as I’m sure they would tell you, once the system is rigged up on the temporary pipeline, it sells itself.” Moya agrees that it has been fantastic for business. He notes that “the reduced time and cost is more beneficial for our customers. Everywhere we’ve gone as a third-party supplier bringing it to oil companies and third-party customers they’ve loved it. Soon we hope to be the main provider to everyone out in the Permian area, and they all love Gangline™.”
Water-Resistant Technology for Permian Temporary Pipelines and More
Standard Safety found Trinity Sling’s Gangline™ at the perfect time for the energy industry, both for fracing and pressure pumping operators. Standard Safety provides rig-up and rig-down services for temporary pipelines throughout the Permian, Eagle Ford Shale, and North Dakota [Bakken Shale]. Moya has been happy with the partnership, saying that “my partner Chris [Shields] promotes our services, I come in to supply the technical side and tell [oil companies and service providers] how we can help them, and then Gangline™ completes the circle as a whole, so it works.”
Prospects look great and show no signs of stopping. Since Standard Safety adopted Gangline the install time has been “cut in half”, as Moya puts it. “Normally with the other products [restraint rigging] took forever. Then we found Gangline™ and started rigging up line, and it was water-resistant, rigged up quick, and was new technology, so it just rolled together and worked.”
Expanding Temporary Pipeline Rigging Services with Gangline™
Standard Safety plans to expand its reach in the Permian, looking to bring its service package, of which Gangline™ temporary iron restraint system is a vital part, to more oilfield and fracing industry customers. With Gangline™, Standard Safety and Supply is perfectly situated to pass savings on to new as well as existing customers and help their customers feel secure on the pad. With Gangline™, both Standard Safety and its customers win.
When asked what else Trinity Sling and Gangline™ could do to help Standard Safety help its customers in the Permian and beyond, Moya laughed and said, “Keep pumping out those restraints faster!”
To hear more about Standard Safety and Supply and its oilfield and fracing service, contact Trey Moya at For more information about Trinity Sling’s Gangline™, visit and submit a contact form, or call 855-471-5482 to speak with an experienced product manager.
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