Pipe Restraining Systems

The Gangline™ Pipe Restraining System is the solution to the new British Columbia well service restraint requirements.

To comply with recent changes in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) regulation in British Columbia, all Well Service Operators must now use pipe restraint systems that conform to new, more stringent OHS guidelines. The Gangline™ pipe restraint system was engineered for just such an application, providing peace of mind by protecting people, property, and profits. With Gangline™, well service compliance needs are covered. The new WorkSafe BC-published OHS guidelines for restraint of oil and gas piping systems state:

Employers need to ensure that the anchoring and restraint system will withstand the forces that could occur in the event of a failure of the piping system. An example of an adequate engineered restraint system is a purpose-built system composed of restraint and anchoring components which have been manufactured and engineered to be adequate for the operating pressures (OHS Regulation Guideline Part 23, Section 23.69[3]).

To view the full regulation details, click here.

The Gangline™ pipe restraint system enables well service operators to relax, as it renders compliance painless. It is:

  • Made specifically for oil and gas operations, with the owner/operator in mind.
  • Professionally engineered
  • Lightweight, high-performing and flexible
  • Easy to install and use in sub-zero conditions
  • Hydrophobic: doesn’t absorb oil or water, is washable
  • UV-protected and corrosion resistant
  • Easily maneuvered for access for leak repair
  • Traceable by serialization and date of manufacture
  • Easily transportable; shippable world-wide

Our professionally-engineered design uses the highest quality materials to create the most durable, lightweight, and easy-to-use temporary pipe restraint system on the market.

Well service operators can now become compliant with this new regulation while protecting people, property and profits with Gangline™.

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